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Unique strap long 120cm

Unique size

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Vintage Tie Strap "Fuck 'em all"

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Reimagine fashion with our unique vintage tie straps, crafted from 15 repurposed silk ties. These versatile straps can hold your phone, bag, or other accessories, infusing a unique twist into your style. Each strap is embroidered with bold quotes, a nod to women's empowerment and the strength to break boundaries.

These upcycled silk straps offer a perfect balance of sustainability and statement. By giving new life to classic ties, we aim to empower women to embrace their individuality and make a difference.

Stand out with style and confidence. Grab a vintage tie strap today and join the movement for sustainable, empowered fashion.

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These garments are crafted directly by Appcycled. We take pride in infusing new life into old, forgotten or discarded materials, using imaginative designs to give them a fresh perspective.

At Appcycled, we're all about creative reinvention. With a playful twist, we breathe new life into old items, adding a dash of whimsy and irony along the way.

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Unique strap long 120cm

Unique size

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Reimagining fashion for a fashion revolution

At Appcycled, we're more than just a marketplace - we're a movement. Our mission is to revolutionize the fashion industry by promoting sustainability and creativity through upcycling. Sometimes we produce small drops ourselves, or in collaboration with other talents. Each of our handcrafted pieces tells a unique story, crafted from repurposed materials with love and care. 100% Upcycled in Italy.

diletta and valentina of appycled