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Welcome to Appcycled, your go-to digital platform for discovering the best of upcycled fashion, beauty & lifestyle designers. Immerse yourself in a world where you can purchase one-of-a-kind and sustainable pieces.

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Explore new trends, exclusive events, uncover behind-the-seams stories, and find tricks and treats for your chic and ethical wardrobe.

Cool and Green sustainable fabric for summer

Cool and Green: Sustainable Fabrics for Summer

Choosing sustainable fabrics for summer is essential for both comfort and environmental impact. This guide explores eco-friendly options like hemp, linen, organic cotton, and Tencel. We emphasize reducing harm through...

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Behind The Seams: Andreina Quiroga

Behind The Seams: Andreina Quiroga

Appcycled designer Andreina Quiroga interview. Discover her journey, challenges, and creative process in this insightful interview. Learn valuable tips on living more sustainably and the importance of eco-friendly practices in fashion.

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Episode 1: Upcycling Legislation and Using Branded Products

Episode 1: Upcycling Legislation and Using Branded Products

In this episode of "Deep Diving into Upcycling," we explore the legalities of using branded products in upcycling. Lawyer Valentina Ricci shares insights on the challenges and solutions for upcycling...

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Green is the new Black PopUp

Green is the new Black PopUp

Our "Green is the New Black" pop-up event from June 5th to 8th was a great success! Held at Via Guido D'Arezzo, 11 in Milan, the event celebrated sustainable fashion...

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Upcycling represents the pinnacle of circular fashion. Deconstruct to reconstruct. It's a high-quality, creative, and productive process, ensuring each item is unique, artisanal, and crafted by experienced designers.

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