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Who we are

Two girls, two different journeys, one common mission

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In a world dominated by fashion's environmental impact, we decided it was time to act, not just talk. Witnessing the staggering waste of millions of tons of clothes annually, we believe in channeling creativity as a catalyst for change. This led us to create our first slogan, "Join the Appcycled Revolution", and collaborate with designer Clarissa Balossi to launch our inaugural collection entirely upcycled in 2021.

founders appcycled diletta e valentina


Our adventure began in the early days of the pandemic, with Diletta, our founder, giving her wardrobe a makeover. Armed with a sewing machine and ample time, she let her creativity flow, crafting pieces she wished to own from what she already had. In realization that every second we discard the equivalent of a garbage truck full of clothes and textile remnants, Diletta was inspired to found Appcycled.

Valentina, co-founder and designer with over a decade of experience in graphics and fashion, joined Diletta's journey in mid-2021.

Together, they are actively rewriting the future of fashion.

Fashion is beauty and art, it shouldn't be contaminated by injustice, pollution and safety issues. Appcycled is our beacon of hope, let's start by how we design clothes.

– Diletta Pollice

Having worked in the fashion industry, I know its impact. Appcycled is my dream. Green, artistic, promoting true talents from all over Europe, making authentic fashion flourish without harming the planet.

– Valentina Masotti
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At Appcycled, we embark on a mission to revolutionize the fashion industry by providing a digital platform where you can explore the works of the finest upcycled designers and acquire unique, unparalleled, and sustainable pieces.