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Appcycled X Napapijri - CIRCULAR PARK - Appcycled

Appcycled X Napapijri - CIRCULAR PARK

Appcycled is proud to collaborate in organizing the Napapijri event for the presentation of the Circular Series. 

During the Napapijri Circular Park event, Appcycled, with the help of some partners, has arranged an immersive experience hosting a multidisciplinary art show focusing on sustainable fashion.

Do you remember amusement parks? The large Ferris wheels where, as children, we marveled at the breathtaking view? Our idea is to merge artistic imagination, living wonder, unexpected imagery with the grand wheel that symbolizes what we believe in: Circular Fashion.

Thanks to dancers, actors, fortune tellers, and artists, we want to immerse you in a different, more conscious world that can bring everyone closer to the main themes of recycling and reuse.

Are these details not enough, and you want a little preview? 

Here you go.

Trama Plaza with a selection from their show GIRALAMODA will address the environmental impact of the fashion industry through monologues, performances, and dance.

With us are also ambassadors Cristina Cotorobai @cotoncri and Cecilia Cottafavi @maert.ens, who, like true fortune tellers, will read the present and future of sustainable fashion.

Three designers from the Atelier Floriania collective will make some of the Circular Series products unique.

If you want to know the entire program in detail, you can peek on EventBrite.

Napapijri Circular Park Presents Circular Series

A circular experience where the store becomes a stage to tell a story:

The world of fashion has a problem: waste.

We want to be part of the solution with Circular Series.

It's not just a story.

It's the story of Napapijri's commitment to shaping the future of circular fashion by rethinking the life cycle of its garments.


Here's how: 

We use only one material.

The monomaterial composition of Circular Series facilitates the ECONYL® Regeneration process of recycling, as the fibers can be recovered without losing their original quality.

We have redefined the life cycle.

By producing Circular Series with regenerated ECONYL® Nylon and Nylon 6, we have created a virtuous cycle where clothing items can be recycled indefinitely.

We are actively involved in the process.

Thanks to our online retrieval program, Circular Series garments can be returned after two years to be recycled and transformed into new products of equal quality.


Circular Series has achieved the prestigious Cradle to Cradle Certified® Gold certification, a globally recognized mark indicating safer and more sustainable products, created with a circular economy perspective.

To obtain certification, products are evaluated based on their environmental and social performance in five key sustainability categories: healthy materials, material reuse, renewable energy and carbon management, water stewardship, and social fairness.

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