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Behind The Seams: Andreina Quiroga

Behind The Seams: Andreina Quiroga

Welcome to Behind The Seams

In these articles, we'll explore the world of sustainable and circular fashion, with the aim of promoting a more sustainable and eco-friendly lifestyle. We are excited to introduce you to Andreina Quiroga through this interview and share some tips for a more conscious lifestyle.

Interview with Andreina Quiroga

About Andreina Quiroga

Andreina Quiroga: "Of course, I'm Andreina, the creative mind behind Upcycling Andreina. I'm Bolivian but have been living in Milan for 12 years. I came to Milan to study fashion at Marangoni, after which I took a course in pattern making. I've worked in various companies, giving me firsthand experience of the lights and shadows of this system, experiencing its enormous environmental impact. This led me to choose to act and provide a creative and concrete response to a market that only talks about blind and unaware consumption."

How would you describe yourself in two adjectives?

Andreina Quiroga: "Innovative and artisanal."

Do you think these adjectives reflect in your creations?

Andreina Quiroga: "Absolutely. My creations stand out for the creative and original use of reclaimed materials, combining them with pre-existing fabrics in a unique and unexpected way. Doing everything myself, from designing to creating handmade garments, gives me the opportunity to experiment with new cuts, silhouettes, and fits, unleashing all my creativity."

What is one of the challenges you encountered in becoming an upcycled and zero-waste fashion designer?

Andreina Quiroga: "One of the challenges I encountered is finding high-quality reclaimed materials that reflect my characteristics, namely natural fiber fabrics and colors suitable for my palette. So, it takes a lot of research, time, and dedication to find quality and particularly unique materials. Additionally, I have to think innovatively and creatively readapt shapes and cuts to minimize waste. Another important challenge is to educate and sensitize consumers about sustainability and make them appreciate the uniqueness and craftsmanship of the garments. This challenge requires constant effort."

Any advice for people who want to buy or live more sustainably?

Andreina Quiroga: "Living more sustainably is an important choice that can contribute to preserving our planet and improving our long-term well-being. Be curious, inform yourself, think, and ask yourself some questions before making a purchase, such as: Do I really need it? Who made this garment? What material is it made of? Why does it cost so little? There are many ways to be sustainable; you can start at home with small gestures that make a difference. Remember that even small changes in our daily habits can make a difference. Every step towards a more sustainable lifestyle brings us closer to a better future for our planet."

Can you tell us about your creative process in creating a garment?

Andreina Quiroga: "My inspiration comes from the materials I find around. I do a lot of research on high-quality materials and am always discovering new places. Once I have all the materials, I start looking at them all and combining them, looking at some photos saved over time, and ideas start to come to me. I love using my mannequin; I lay out the fabrics and start pinning them, creating new shapes, even deconstructing and reassembling garments in different ways. After deciding on the materials and design, I start making the pattern, making various cuts to reduce waste and using small pieces so that nothing is thrown away. Then I proceed with the cutting. We come to the final phase, sewing. Since the entire production chain goes through my hands, the garments are created with a lot of love and utmost attention."

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(The video was recorded in Italian)