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Conversations in Circular Style: Sofia Fisicaro - Appcycled

Conversations in Circular Style: Sofia Fisicaro

Welcome to the first chapter of Conversations in circular style. In these articles, we will explore the world of sustainable and circular fashion, aiming to promote a more sustainable and eco-friendly lifestyle. On the occasion of Milan Fashion Week 2023, we had the pleasure of collaborating with Sofia Fisicaro, a highly active content creator on TikTok and Instagram, who crafted 5 sustainable and stylish looks. We are excited to introduce her to you through this interview and share some tips for a more conscious lifestyle.

Hi Sofia, how would you describe yourself with two adjectives?

"Spontaneous and joyful."

Can you tell us more about how you started using social media?

"I started using social media to share my passion for climate change. I saw it as a way to begin to raise awareness among many people, showing that adopting a greener approach in one's daily life is much easier than one might think! And also, a lot of fun."

What are your values and key messages that you want to convey to your followers?

"My values are based on transparency, which is crucial, especially to communicate and convey the world of sustainability. Positivity is also essential; I want all my videos to convey positive messages. Only discussing the problem will never help us reach a solution, so in every video, I always try to provide a conclusion that makes sense to the listener. Finally, joy and freshness are fundamental to have a style of communication that can reach everyone. I want the interpretation of my content to be accessible to all. Anyone can start from any video, saying, 'See, then I can do it too.'"

What challenges have you encountered in your work as a content creator, and how have you overcome them?

"I admit that this question is really challenging to address because, for those who do this job, the challenges are many, especially on a human level. One of the biggest challenges was overcoming the prejudice that sustainability is something elite, expensive, almost unattainable. This was also the motivation that led me to talk about it, to demonstrate that it is not the case at all.

Secondly, a very difficult challenge was learning to brush off negative comments. Sometimes it's really hard, especially when a piece of content reaches an audience that is unwilling to listen and understand the topic you're addressing. This doesn't mean not accepting constructive criticism; in fact, constructive criticism is almost necessary at times, and dialogue is the best thing if done wisely. However, sometimes there are people who throw comments with unfounded criticism, not realizing that there is a real person who might feel hurt. I have learned to distinguish between the two and go beyond those who are not seeking constructive engagement."

What prompted you to talk about sustainability and fashion on TikTok?

"I decided to start this journey during my second year of university. My economics professor had a great focus on sustainable fashion. I remember being captivated by his analysis of the Patagonia brand. He recommended Dana Thomas's book 'FASHIONOPOLIS,' and I must truly thank him. That book opened my eyes to many aspects of fashion, from ethics to environmental and social sustainability. It inspired me to want to tell and raise awareness among other people on this topic, hoping to stir some consciousness, just as it had happened to me."

What are your tips for consumers who want to shop sustainably?

"There is no product more sustainable than what you already have. Especially for fashion products (clothing, accessories, etc.), it's important to start with what you have to understand what truly works and what doesn't, what we actually wear, and what is just a trend. Once aware of what we truly use and what we don't, the best advice I could give is to buy less and buy better, investing in items that last as long as possible, repairing where possible. Last but not least, taking a tour through second-hand stores doesn't hurt. They are a spectacular world full of wonderful opportunities for unique pieces. If you wear second-hand, it will be really rare to find someone with the same item."

Have you noticed an increase in interest in sustainable fashion from your followers in recent months/years?

"In recent years, attention to sustainable fashion has grown a lot! I'm thrilled to find more and more people interested in the subject, gradually trying to raise awareness and consciousness to act more sustainably in their daily lives. This is a really interesting fact, meaning that people are starting to reflect and ask questions on this topic, which is super positive because I'm here to provide as many answers as possible!"

How have you integrated the commitment to sustainability into your daily life beyond fashion?

"In my daily life, I try to be as sustainable as possible, from small to more substantial actions. First and foremost, I try to convey this awareness to the people around me, such as my parents, my boyfriend, my brother, etc. I have almost completely stopped buying from fast fashion stores, preferring second-hand both on online platforms and in physical stores or markets. I use low-impact environmental products, make cruelty-free and vegan choices as much as possible. Also, I always try to stay informed and updated on innovations in the green sector. You should never stop being curious and understanding how innovations evolve to stay up-to-date."

What are your future projects regarding the promotion of a sustainable lifestyle?

"One thing I would like to start addressing is technological innovation in the textile sector for sustainability. The world of textiles is constantly changing, and it's incredible to think about the positive impact that using one fabric over another can have. I would love to experiment widely, hoping to have more and more opportunities to demonstrate how cool it is to act sustainably."

Favorite Appcycled product?

"Extremely difficult to determine. I love Creazioni Salesi's jewelry; they are pure art! The patchwork skirts by Dennj, the style of Giglio Tigrato; they are definitely my favorite projects! In general, though, I have a lot of respect for anyone who takes a stand with the vocation to bring about change."

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