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Discovering Ilaria of ILAB: A Journey of Yoga and Upcycling

Discovering Ilaria of ILAB: A Journey of Yoga and Upcycling

In the bustling city of Rome, amidst the historic colles and vibrant streets, lives Ilaria, a dynamic and passionate individual who has combined her love for yoga and sustainable fashion into a unique brand – ILAB Yoga & Upcycling. As an upcycling designer and yoga teacher, Ilaria’s life is a perfect blend of creativity, movement, and mindfulness.

Meet Ilaria

Ilaria is a true Roman at heart, finding inspiration in the beauty of her city while cycling through its charming neighborhoods. Her curiosity and love for nature drive her to explore new ways to transform elements around her, breathing new life into what might otherwise be discarded. This passion for transformation is central to her philosophy, both in her yoga practice and her upcycling designs.

Ilaria from Ilab

The Birth of ILAB

The sun, a symbol of life and energy, is a recurring motif in Ilaria’s journey and is prominently featured in the logo of her brand, ILAB. ILAB Yoga & Upcycling is the embodiment of Ilaria’s dream to merge her two greatest passions – yoga and fashion – into a cohesive project that promotes a holistic approach to life.

ILAB’s mission is to foster a healthy lifestyle, reconnect with nature, and revive what can be renewed both internally and externally. Through yoga, Ilaria encourages others to tap into their inner potential, creating value for themselves and the community around them.

Sustainable and Unique Creations

Every product from ILAB is a testament to sustainability and uniqueness. Handcrafted with care, these items not only enhance your yoga practice but also add a touch of brilliance to everyday life. By promoting a circular economy, ILAB uses high-quality fabric scraps sourced from fashion houses, upholstery shops, and furniture stores, turning them into beautiful, practical items.

ilab yoga appcycled shop quadro

Join ILAB  movement

ILAB is more than just a brand; it’s a movement towards a more mindful and sustainable future. With ILAB, you can achieve physical and mental well-being through yoga while contributing to a healthier planet. Discover the beauty of handmade, upcycled products and embrace the change that starts with us.

Explore ILAB’s collection and find the perfect sustainable accessory for your yoga practice. Together, we can make a difference – one mindful choice at a time.