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IM|PERFECT - Cigala’s Appcycled Collection by Bennu - Appcycled

IM|PERFECT - Cigala’s Appcycled Collection by Bennu

A Project of valorization of Imperfection

For over 10 years, Cigala's has represented Denim Made in Italy and expresses a philosophy derived from design: Less is More.

Over the years, they have excluded every polluting procedure from their production cycle, ensured the use of certified organic cotton as much as possible, and utilized fabrics with yarns such as lyocell and modal derived from eucalyptus and beech tree cellulose. They have even gone so far as to redesign tags by recycling the same materials used to make jeans: denim and cotton.

In 2022, they went even further: they asked us to revalorise the "discarded" garments that did not pass quality checks.

We immediately liked the initiative, and after carefully selecting the best designer for this valorization, BENNU, they created a unique capsule based on the types of these garments: IM|PERFECT, of which we bring you a part of the abstract that we find absolutely splendid:

"[…] In comparison with contemporaneity, the concept of perfection is daily questioned and slowly stripped of what for centuries has been the greatest ambition of the human intellect.

As in a clear reversal, what was once marginalized due to incongruities and conventions is elevated to the highest aesthetic degree.

A contemporary image that digs its roots into classical vision, to enhance everything we have always considered invalid, unsuitable to represent a society now at a crossroads.[…]"

Therefore, the goal is to valorize the unperfect garment and exaggerate its uniqueness. Far from a restoration project, the idea is to contaminate Cigala's garments with BENNU's philosophy.

From this idea, a real drop was born, created by BENNU in collaboration with small tailors in the Florentine territory to minimize the environmental impact of the processes.

We present you with a preview of some shots, but of course, we look forward to seeing you in person from December 16th to 20th at our Pop-Up Shop "Thank God It's Sustainable!" from 11:00 AM to 8:00 PM at Via Guido D'Arezzo 11A in Milan (MM Pagano).

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