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Appcycled and MATI: A Sustainable and Ethical Fashion Collaboration - Appcycled

Appcycled and MATI: A Sustainable and Ethical Fashion Collaboration

When it comes to sustainable fashion, Appcycled is at the forefront of innovation, turning waste materials into unique and stylish products. Our latest collaboration with MATI, a brand dedicated to ethical fashion, shows how creativity can transform discarded materials into beautiful bags and accessories.

The Story Behind Appcycled and MATI's Collaboration

The collaboration between Appcycled and MATI was born out of a shared vision for sustainability and ethical fashion. Maria José Germano, the founder of MATI, built her brand on the principles of harmony, purity, transparency, and mindfulness. The name "Mati" is derived from her childhood nickname, but the brand itself is anything but childish—it's mature and committed to sustainability.

Mati Appcycled Drop preview

The drop Appcycled+MATI

Mati's Unique Design Philosophy

MATI's design philosophy is rooted in sustainability. The brand sources materials from transparent suppliers and creates bags that are crafted by skilled artisans in Italy. MATI's distinctive design style features clean lines and sharp cuts, challenging conventional ideas of beauty. This unique approach made MATI the perfect partner for Appcycled's latest project.

Maria Jose from MATI at work
Maria José at work for MATI

Transforming Waste into Sustainable Fashion

Appcycled's mission is to repurpose waste materials and create sustainable fashion. During Design Week '23, we collected large advertising banners from previous events. Rather than discarding them, we saw an opportunity to transform them into something new. MATI used these recycled materials to create computer cases and bags, each piece carrying the brand's signature style.

banner of design week 2023

Banner from Milan Design Week 2023

Ethical Fashion with Cooperativa Alice

Our collaboration with MATI extended beyond sustainable fashion—it also embraced social impact through our partnership with Cooperativa Alice, a cooperative focused on promoting inclusivity and ethical fashion. Since 1992, Cooperativa Alice has been committed to building a more inclusive society through craftsmanship and ethical supply chains.

Cooperativa Alice: a Commitment to Inclusivity

Cooperativa Alice's work focuses on providing opportunities to individuals in need of a second chance. The artisans involved in this project are part of a rehabilitation program at the prison of Monza, allowing them to gain valuable skills and contribute to sustainable fashion production.

The Role of Master Craftsman Maurizio

The craftsmanship behind the collaboration was guided by Maurizio, a master leather craftsman. Maurizio's guidance played a crucial role in ensuring that the final products met MATI's and Appcycled's high standards.

As we look ahead to Design Week '24, we are excited to continue exploring new ways to bring sustainable fashion to the forefront. Our collaboration with MATI and Cooperativa Alice demonstrates that ethical fashion can be stylish, environmentally conscious, and socially impactful.

Stay tuned for more news from Appcycled and check out some of MATI’s beauties.

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