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May Spring/Summer Popup Event in Milan: embracing sustainable fashion and upcycling

May Spring/Summer Popup Event in Milan: embracing sustainable fashion and upcycling

We recently hosted our first Spring/Summer Popup—an immersive celebration of sustainable fashion, creativity, and community spirit. Nestled in the vibrant city of Milan, Italy, our popup invited guests to explore the essence of upcycling and sustainability. From chic accessories to breezy summer staples, our curated selection showcased emerging talents committed to the art of upcycling and sustainable fashion.

Appcycled PopUp May table loropetalum


As participants immersed themselves in our realm of upcycling workshops, they embraced the philosophy of the #MendItMay campaign, a movement born from the Fashion Revolution. #MendItMay urged us to embrace the art of mending, recognizing it as a powerful statement of sustainability and empowerment. Whether wielding a needle and thread or entrusting garments to skilled artisans, #MendItMay celebrated the beauty of repair and encouraged us to share our journey towards a more sustainable wardrobe.

Appcycled PopUp May Menditmay workshop ebe collective


The Spring/Summer Popup event featured an exceptional array of forward-thinking brands dedicated to sustainable fashion and upcycling. Among them, _Dennj_ stood out with its distinctive blend of ethereal style and functional design, presenting genderless and timeless pieces entirely crafted in Milan. Andreina Quiroga captured attention with her innovative approach to upcycling and street fashion, while Emblazer made a statement with its bold and vibrant blazers. I Was A Sari touched hearts with its empowering mission to support women artisans by repurposing vibrant saris into unique accessories. Labolsina demonstrated a strong commitment to sustainability through its functional and everyday designs, sourced from luxury hospitality materials. La Popa infused whimsy into the mix with playful, children-inspired accessories. Loropetalum transformed the space with a captivating display of natural accessories, showcasing botanical prints from both home and fashion realms. Mati impressed with its impeccable craftsmanship and minimalist designs, while Michael Ruggiero added an avant-garde touch with innovative creations crafted from repurposed materials. Upperbe introduced Italy's first cream made from coffee waste, showcasing its commitment to sustainability and skincare innovation. Waeste's accessories stunned with their essential design and use of reclaimed furnishing fabrics, while Zerobarracento embodied a zero-waste philosophy with its clean, sophisticated designs, further illustrating the seamless fusion of sustainability and style at the event.

Appcycled PopUp May Andreina showing her pieces

Event Highlights: 

Thursday - May 9: Tote Upcycling Workshop

The weekend kicked off with creativity as we hosted a free upcycling workshop with Ebe Collective. Guests revived tote bags with ropes, fabrics, and paints, infusing them with artistic flair. From seasoned crafters to novices, everyone enjoyed hands-on experiences in sustainable fashion and upcycling.

Appcycled PopUp May workshop tote ebe collective

Friday - May 10: Music & Chill

The weekend eased in with an evening of music, wine, and camaraderie. Guests immersed themselves in diverse tunes while savoring wines and beers. Fresh talent and summer drops were discovered in a laid-back setting, connecting like-minded enthusiasts of sustainable fashion and upcycling.

Saturday - May 11: Creative Embroidery Lesson

Guests embarked on a journey of self-expression with our creative embroidery lesson. Led by the artisans of Puntobasta, they delved into the art of embroidery and mindfulness. Personalized upcycled clothes adorned with empowering slogans were crafted, infusing them with meaning and style in the realm of sustainable fashion.

Appcycled PopUp May embrodery puntobasta opening night

Sunday - May 12: Upcycling Sunday

The weekend concluded with a day of free upcycling. Guests dived into our treasure trove of materials and breathed new life into old garments. Imaginations soared as forgotten pieces were transformed into unique creations, guided by the spirit of sustainability and creativity.

As our Spring/Summer Popup came to a close, guests reflected on the journey shared. From the art of mending to the joys of upcycling, the event was a celebration of sustainable fashion, style, and community. As guests left the popup, they carried with them inspiration to embrace sustainability in their fashion choices and memories of a weekend spent in the company of kindred spirits. Until we meet again, we remind all: style is not just what you wear—it's how you wear it, with passion, purpose, and a commitment to a brighter, more sustainable future.

We also wanted to thank Sfusobuono and Orto fresh for delighting us with excellent wine and organic fruits.

Event Designers' Showcase

Explore the talented designers showcased at this event and discover the latest trends and standout pieces leading the way in the sustainable fashion world. ✨