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White November – Appcycled Temporary Store - Appcycled

White November – Appcycled Temporary Store

We’ve just concluded our second event with great success! A huge thank you to all the designers and participants!

What was White Appcycled November?

It was a temporary space where creativity unfolded in its infinite forms. The increasingly popular "Black Friday" or "Black November," imported from the United States, is an occasion of compulsive and wild shopping that has devastating consequences on the environment. In response to this rampant and harmful consumerism, WHITE APPCYCLED NOVEMBER was born with the aim of raising awareness about the art of fashion, craftsmanship, and tailoring, promoting conscious and sustainable consumption with a return to simplicity and, above all, proposing SEASONLESS and genderless FASHION.

The featured designers were:
  • Ambra Castello: Hand-crocheted nylon thread to create custom-made pieces with infinite life. Discover the circularity of her projects here.
  • Clarissa Balossi: The winner of the first Appcycled challenge, she proposed 14 vintage pieces from famous brands reimagined.
  • Creazioni Salesi: Reuses leather and fur scraps to create unique accessories. 
  • Dennj: Sustainable and multifunctional fashion, creations crafted from vintage fabrics, furniture, and private donations. A refined and timeless look.
  • Giglio Tigrato: Hand-painted vintage pieces to give them a new face and sartorial collections using luxury and furniture deadstock.
  • Bennu: Discovers sartorial pieces and gives them a new life! Each piece is unique and numbered.
  • Mishimi: "Slow fashion" chooses pieces that have already had past lives and gives them a new look.
  • Michael Ruggiero: Born with a strong determination to design pieces with an experimental zero-waste construction.
We present to you the photoshoot created in collaboration with Arvolturazine during the event.

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